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Radio's Most ThrillingReindeer Games!

Sample Race:
Introduction by Jim Lambley:

Are you tired of playing the same old Christmas songs year after year? Well, get ready for a game-changer – Reindeer Races! This exciting, one-of-a-kind Christmas promotion will have the public buzzing with excitement and joy. As a Radio Broadcaster, I know firsthand the power of a promotion that truly captivates listeners. I can confidently say that Reindeer Races will keep your audience engaged and talking for years to come.

We provide you with everything you need to feature the training races on your radio station. Santa uses these races get his reindeer up to flying take-off speed for their Round-The-World Toy Delivery Mission on Christmas Eve!

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What’s Included:

  • 18 Reindeer Race Audio Recordings
  • Race results, call-in sheets, and other planning documents
  • Initiate Countdown Voices
  • Opening & Closing Scripts 

Introduction Instructions:

You OWN ALL 18 REINDEER RACES, PLUS the Scripts addressed below and additional work parts we have put together to make these races come to life! This exciting new holiday promotion is the perfect way to get sponsors and listeners involved and buzzing about your station! The complete promotion is laid out for you, and you’ll be surprised how excited the listeners are to call in and select their favorite reindeer to win!

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The Reindeer Races Christmas Promotion is a professionally recorded audio series created for radio broadcasts and brought to life by Jim Lambley. They have been wildly successful on our radio stations for years, and we’re excited to bring them to you, too! We take you into a fun and exciting Christmas wonderland. It is a world where Santa has chosen your radio station to broadcast 18 Reindeer Training Races that he uses to get the world’s most famous Reindeer up to flying take-off speed in case the lights come on Christmas Eve

Sample Race:

EXCLUSIONS: Flood Communications of NE, owned by US Congressman Mike Flood & CEO Andy Ruback, have exclusive rights to the Reindeer Races in the state of Nebraska and cannot be aired on any  Nebraska stations not owned by them.

NOTE: After purchase, you will have one chance to download the Audio Files and Documents, and it will only be available for 24 hours. So, make sure to complete the purchase on a computer you trust. The files will be available immediately after checkout.