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Frequently AskedQuestions

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You say these races can be sold year after year. Won’t listeners remember which Reindeer won last year?

By randomizing the order in which races are aired or varying the number of races played each year, your station can customize the race schedule to be varied enough that the races will sound fresh each holiday season.

For example:
Year 1: Race 1, Race 2, Race 3…
Year 2: Race 8, Race 17, Race 11…


Year 1: Races 1-9
Year 2: Races 10-18

Is there an annual licensing fee to use the races, or a one-time up-front cost?

This offering is a complete buy out for your single station. Once you buy, the races belong to your station to use indefinitely.

I do promotions for several stations owned by one corporation. Can I air the races on all my stations?

Yes! However, races must be purchased for each radio station on which they will be aired.